90 Day Fitness Challenge - Full Body Toning Workout

Hi, my name is Tirtza and I am a sweataholic. Sounds gross? It is. If I am not dripping sweat at the end of a workout I just don’t feel like it was worthwhile. This means that I often choose to walk into high intensity gym classes like kick-boxing, interval training, or spinning. But lately, despite my five-days-a-week sweaty workouts, I am noticing that my body is not as toned, as strong or as fast as it was even a year ago. 

I have also slowly gained ten dreaded pounds. I could chalk it up to getting older, the weather, working more hours sitting in front of the computer than I used to, but the fact is that I am in a fitness slump. Sure, I keep to a routine, but it’s the routine culprit that has caused me to reach this plateau. AND SO, with three months to go until swimsuit season, I have decided to embark on a fitness challenge to get my toned body back! 

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