3 Easy Fixes for Everyday Tummy Troubles

I found three home remedies for general stomach troubles – all backed by scientific research, all relatively low-cost, and all completely free of those side effects you see in the pharmaceutical commercials like hallucinations and anal leakage.

This was Ty’s first real experience with my researching ways. From how to handle temper tantrums like a ninja badass to why you shouldn’t tell your kid she’s smart, obsessive research is how I tackle life’s problems. He humored me and tried all the remedies.

After a couple days, he started feeling a little better. Then after using these remedies religiously for a month, his tummy troubles went away completely. No more doctor visits, no prescription medication, no pain. Now, he just uses these tricks every once in a while if something stresses him out, like work or a lack of delicious gluten-free baked goods.

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