Italian Orzo Tomato Spinach Soup

You guys! I am in love with this orzo tomato spinach soup. My heart beats Tomatoes. Parmesan cheese. Itty-bitty, cutesy wittle orzo pasta. And my favorite power veggie, spinach!

But first, I have had a few weeks of crazy that i’ve been dealing with. It started off with a cookie recipe that went terribly, horribly wrong. My thumbprint cookies, let’s just say they didn’t really have a thumbprint in them. They were completely flat. It looked like an elephant had decided to take a seat right on my cookie.And then earlier this week was my favorite of all! I was making a big batch of my all-time favorite red velvet cupcake recipe (it’s coming soon!) and then it happened. The latch opened on my Kitchen Aid mixer just as I was lifting the machine and. red velvet. batter. everywhere. all over the oven. trickling down the cabinets. the floor. blood red. Oooof!

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