Easy Crab Puffs

I usually use canned crab in this recipe. I know - sacrilegious to some folks, right? I've used more expensive fresh lump crab meat too, and it's good, but when it's mixed into a filling like this, you really can't tell a big enough difference for the cost so I stick with the canned crab meat much of the time. Feel free to use fresh crab if you prefer. The crab filling is something loosely based off a bread dip fondue recipe I used to make all the time back in the 90s where you put a filling into a bread bowl and bake for an hour and a half. 

These days I'm looking for something a lot faster and more updated, so that's how these little puffs came to be. The recipe comes from one of those great little spiral-bound cookbooks that we've probably all purchased at one time or another for a fundraiser. 

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