Pimples - Causes and Remedies

Pimples are often a cause of embarrassment and frustration to many. Pimples spoil the looks of a pretty face and leave one in despair. However, taking proper care will help you to deal with pimples effectively. Find out how you can avoid those unwelcome pimples and get rid of them.

There are a number of factors which are responsible for the break out of pimples. There could be one single reason or a combination of many. Pimples are the result of blockages in skin pores. Some people never seem to get pimples while others seem to regularly find them on their face.

Pimples affect not only adolescents but some adults also. Pimples are often a cause of frustration. Having a face with pimples reduces self-confidence in a person. Having a flawless and, pimple-free face will help you get back that confidence. When you look good you feel good! Have a quick look at the causes of pimples and remedies for coping with them.


Constipation is one of the main reasons which lead to the formation of pimples. If you have it, treat it immediately. To cure constipation drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated. Do not gulp down your food hurriedly, sufficient chewing is important. Eat a diet rich in fiber comprising of foods like oats, muesli, green vegetables etc. Guava which is a very rich source of dietary fiber must be eaten with the seeds. It serves as an excellent laxative made by nature and is known to help in relieving constipation.


Worrying too much and excessive stress is also a cause for the formation of pimples. Get plenty of sleep and do not overwork yourself. Relax and always remember that health is more important than wealth .Never let your work take a toll on your health. Take time out to relax.

There are many stress reduction techniques. Practice meditation to beat the daily stress. Listen to some soothing and relaxing music. Try to reduce intake of caffeine in your diet as this can help in reducing stress levels. Humour also helps to reduce stress levels. Watch some light hearted comedy programmes on television which will make you laugh. Spend time with your family and children. If your children are small play some games with them as this will make them happy and also help you to relieve your tension and stress.

Faulty Eating Habits:

Your face is a mirror of your food intake. If you eat healthy it reflects on your skin. Vice-versa, if your eating habits are improper and faulty, it shows on your face. What goes in reflects outside on your face, hence it is important to eat healthy. To reduce pimples on your face, avoid eating too many sweets, oily, spicy or fried food. Try and reduce intake of pastries, burgers, cookies, chocolates and other junk foods.

If you are craving to eat a burger, try to eat a grilled burger instead of a fried one. Try to use low-fat cheese for toppings on pizzas. For sandwiches, you can put butter only one side of the bread instead of both sides. The next time you are thirsty and want to reach out for that can of cold drink, substitute it with a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice instead.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise also plays an important role in good healthy skin. Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle may also cause eruption of pimples. Exercise daily until you sweat. Sweat helps to open up the pores and remove toxins from the body.

Dirty Pillow Covers:

Even dirty pillow covers can cause pimples. Every night when you sleep, your face comes into contact with your pillow which causes all the oil and dirt from your face to touch the pillow. Constant exposure to the same pillow can also lead to outbreak of pimples. Therefore, changing your pillow covers often is very important to avoid pimples.

Improper Cleaning Habits:

Skin must be kept as dirt-free as possible .Devote time to taking care of your skin and keeping it clean always !Wash your face at least 2-3 times a day. Use a facewash and moisturizer suitable to your skin type. Avoid going out in the scorching heat and if you must go out then wear a sunscreen before stepping out. Avoid using too much make-up. Do not go to bed with make-up as this is very bad for the skin. Always remove the make up before going to sleep.

Follow a healthy lifestyle and make the pimples stop following you! And whatever happens, do not constantly touch the pimples. Never pop them as doing this may leave permanent marks on your face. 
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