How to Maintain the Perfect Health of Eyes

 To maintain the perfect health of eyes you need to take proper care of it. Providing enough moisture, nourishments and proper exercise will keep your eyes healthy and in perfect vision. Following these tips everyday to get beautiful and fresh looking eyes.

Eating healthy rich foods rich in vitamin A and K are helpful for getting perfect eyes. Eat fruits and vegetables everyday to fulfil the vitamins and mineral demand to keep maintains the vision and health of eyes.

Take breaks while reading and doing some work on computers. Taking short breaks for 5 minutes will help to relax your eye muscles. Splash water to eyes and then close eyes for 5 minutes and then continue your work.

Do some eye exercises like rotating eye balls in circular motion for 5 minutes or blink your eye multiple times. In the morning rub your hands for 2 minutes and then keep these warm hands on eyes. These eye exercises help to restore eye moisture and keep eyes healthy.

Have good 8 hour sleep to avoid dark circles and puffy eyes. Lack of sleep not only makes eye red but also degrades the entire look of your face. Sleeping for enough hours make face and eyes look fresh.

Keep cold cucumber slices on eyes to provide lots of moisture to eyes. Cucumber also help to lighten the dark circles and red bloodshot eyes making it look beautiful and in perfect health.

Moisture is very important part in keeping eyes perfect. If you don't have cucumbers then buy moisturizing drops and put it in your eyes daily.

Avoid rubbing eyes in the morning or when something goes inside it creating irritation. If something enters your eyes then splash water to eye instead to rubbing to prevent any king of damage.

Wear sunglasses while you are out in sun to prevent losing of moisture and preventing dark circles and lower vision. This is a helpful precaution you should follow for perfect eyes.
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